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N.B. De oudere boeken zijn veelal te raadplegen via Google Books.

  • R. Ackerman, The Microcosm of London or London in Miniature deel III (herdruk Londen 1904)
  • Adam en Charles Black, Black's Iron Highway from London to Edinburgh: a descriptive guide to the railway lines between these cities (via Rugby, Birmingham, Derby, York, Newcastle and Berwick) with charts exhibiting the continuous lines and their branches as well as a large extent of the adjacent country (Endinburgh 1850)
  • Adam en Charles Black, Black's picturesque tourist and road and rail way guide book through England and Wales (Edinburgh 1859)
  • John C. Bourne, London and Birmingham Railway; with an Historical and Descriptive Account by John Britton (Londen 1839)
  • J.A. Faber (red.) Het Spoor. 150 jaar spoorwegen in Nederland (Amsterdam/Utrecht 1989)
  • William Gaspey en John Talis, Tallis's illustrated London: in commemoration of the Great Exhibition of All Nations in 1851. Forming a complete guide to the British metropolis and its environs. Illustrated by upwards of two hundred steel engravings from original drawings and daguerreotypes II delen (Londen/New York 1851)
  • Guidebook to the Industrial Exhibition with facts, figures and observations on the manufactures and produce exhibited (Londen 1851)
  • Hollandsche IJzeren Spoorweg-Maatschappij 1839-1889 (Amsterdam 1889)
  • B. Hofman, ‘Groningse componist Joseph Ascher werd Franse hofpianist’, in: Hofmans Vertellingen 2004
  • Colin Holmes (ed.) Immigrants and Minorities in British Society (Londen 1978)
  • Elisabeth Johann, Unsere jüdischen Nachbarn: Ein fast vergessener Teil der Ortsgeschichte von Altenstadt (Hessen), Höchst a.d. Nidder und Lindheim 14. bis 20. Jahrhundert (Altenstadt 1991)
  • G.J. van Klinken en J.H. de Vey Mestdagh, De joodse gemeenschap in het Groninger Westerkwartier, Peize en Roden (Groningen 1985)
  • Arnold Levy, History of the Sunderland Jewish Community (London 1956)
  • Z. Macaulay, List of all stations on the railways of Great Brittain alphabetically arranged (Londen 1851)
  • E. Mackenzie en M. Ross, Historical, Topographical, and Descriptive View of the county palatine of Durham comprending [...] biography, local history etc. (Newcastle 1834)
  • George S. Measom, The official illustrated guide to the Great Northern Railway, Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire and Midland railways (Londen 1861)
  • F. Morton, The Rothschilds. A family portrait (Londen 1961)
  • Joseph Nash, Louis Haghe en David Roberts, Dickinsons’ comprehensive pictures of the Great Exhibition of 1851 (Londen 1851)
  • Harold Pollins, Economic History of the Jews in England (Londen 1982)
  • Thomas Sheppard, Handbook to Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire (Londen en Hull 1922)
  • Samuel Sidney, Rides on Railways (Londen 1851)
  • William Weaver Tomlinson, North Eastern Railway: its rise and development (Newcastle, Londen 1914)
  • B. Trinder (ed.) The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Industrial Archeology (Oxford 1992)
  • B. Trinder, Britain’s Industrial Revolution: the making of a Manufacturing People, 1700 – 1870 (Lancaster 2013)
  • J. de Vries, Barges and capitalism; Passenger transportation in the Dutch economy 1632-1839 (Utrecht 1981)
  • Francis Whishaw, The Railways of Great Britain and Ireland practically described and illustrated (Londen 1842)
  • Bill Williams, The Making of Manchester Jewry, 1740-1875 (Manchester 1976).
  • Frederick S. Williams, Our Iron Roads: their history, construction and social influences (Londen, 1852)